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When you're a fragrance lover, there's no end to the number of new perfumes available. Fashion design houses, celebrities, makeup and skincare lines and independent perfumers all create them now.

But it's not as often you're able to craft your own bespoke fragrance using the classic art of perfume making and the power of technology - for under $12.00/month.

Enter Scent Trunk, the new online fragrance creation website where you pick your favorite type of fragrance notes from a test kit scent to your door.  You then enter the results on a personalized page online and about a week later you receive your very own fragrance, tailored to your specifications.

The final Scent Trunk fragrance comes in a unisex, portable-and-travel friendly atomizer in a classic and elegant keepsake box.

For me, I love fresh, bright citrus top notes and slightly spicy, dry and/or musk notes on the finish, so I was very curious to see what Scent Trunk would come up with for me.

First I received the scent test kit in the mail, (pictured, above left), with 6 small vials filled with  key scent notes (Citrus, Woods Aromatic, Floral, Amber, Chypre) to smell.  

I was able to quickly identify my favorite 3.  I then entered my preferences on a special page on the site setup to start creating my fragrance.  About a week later I received my final fragrance (example shown in top picture), which came in a box, along with a card explaining more about each scent note (and even the person who created the fragrance).  

I was very impressed with my scent*.  First, it didn't smell like anything else I currently have, or that I can remember ever using (and I've tested a LOT of fragrances over the years!). The scent opened with lots of juicy orange, and then moved on to clear, fresh notes and a warm, spicy finish.  I loved how easy it was to take the scent with me for touch ups.  As far as lasting power, it was good. I got at least 6+ hours and the scent had an average sillage on me.

Scent Trunk saves your profile and preferences, so you can reorder a fragrance, or decide to try something new.  P.S.Scent Trunk's guarantee is that if you don't love the fragrance they create for you, they will send you something else - for free.  How can a fragrance lover resist? - RLB

Create your own unique scent today  $11.99/month

*Here's what was in the fragrance Scent Trunk created for me:

1. Top Notes
Orange, orange flower

2. Middle Notes
Atlas Cedarwood, Frankincense

3. Base Notes
Musks, malt

*This product was provided courtesy of Scent Trunk PR for reviewing purposes.

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