Beauty Find - Peace Out Acne Healing Dots

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots 20 Acne Healing Dots

If you need quick way to heal and reduce occasional pimples, Peace Out Acne Healing Dots are the perfect solution.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots are completely weightless, transparent adhesive stickers made with salicylic acid to eliminate acne causing bacteria, along with vitamin A, aloe vera and Hydrcolloid technology which protects skin against skin irritants.  Note: They are formulated without latex, cruelty-free, and noncomedogenic. There are 20 Acne Healing Dots included in the pack.

The Acne Healing Dots will work on hormonal acne, inflamed pimples and red blemishes. Since they are invisible, I was able to use them not only at night for an overnight acne treatment, but also during the day.  The Acne Healing Dots reduced a pimple I had by half over night, and also eliminated the redness. The dots adhered tightly to my skin  but with no discomfort and did not fall off or irritate me.  

In the morning when I removed the Acne Healing Dot, almost all of the surface of the pimple was removed with it.  By the next morning after doing the dots for a second night, the pimple was virtually undetectable.

With the flat sticker sheet packaging, these are perfect to keep in my beauty travel bag, as well as my daily bag for unexpected breakouts during the day or night. Peace Out Acne Healing Dots - are ideal for those occasional monthly pimples that you can feel coming.  As soon as you do, just add a Peace Out Acne Healing Dots and by the next day you'll be happy you did! - RLB

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