Beauty Find - Kneipp Lemon Mint + Avocado Shower Foam, Happy Moments

Earlier this summer I shared some of Kneipp's new body washes, with refreshing unique fragrances perfect for the warm  weather.  

Now there's another shower treat from Kneipp, Lemon Mint + Avocado Shower Foam, Happy Moments.  If you're a citrus lover like me, you'll run to the shower each morning to take in the fresh, lemon and mint scent, and the silky and airy foam, which is made with hydrating avocado oil.

All I had to do is shake the can well and just a light press of the top nozzle released a big golf-ball sized dollop of white creamy foam into the palm of my hand.

The foam spread easily over my skin mixed with the water in the shower, and it cleansed well without stripping my skin, or leaving a film when I rinsed it off.  The lemon mint scent remained faintly on my skin after drying off as well.

The yellow can and easy to use nozzle mean your mornings will start out out great each day.  By the way, if you have others in your household and they get their hands on it, you'll definitely have to share! - RLB 

Purchase Here: Kneipp Lemon Mint + Avocado Shower Foam, Happy Moments

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