Beauty Find - SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask

SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask 1 Pair

I've found my first 2017 holiday beauty stocking stuffer for you!  SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask is a new limited edition version of hand mask with a Christmas mitten-like design.

The gloves are lightweight and filled with a intense gel/cream hydrating formula made with avocado extract.  SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask is the perfect product to add to your winter skincare routine.   SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask is meant for those of you with chronic dry hands or if you have dehydrated and rough skin from harsh cold weather, or constant hand washing.

Avocado Hand Mask 1 Pair
The SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask glove material was flexible and comfortable to pull on to my hands.  I felt all the hydrating mask cream inside, but it didn't feel overly full or make my hands uncomfortable.  I was able to put them on during the evening and do light activities around the house and watch TV/work on the computer or ipad. 

Note: There is a tab on the side of the  SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask gloves that you can adjust to make them tighter around the wrist so that none of the formula escapes, as well. The gloves stayed on well for the approximate 30 min I left them on.

When I removed SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask , my hands were baby soft and  all of the gel/cream had absorbed into my skin, leaving no greasy or oily residue.  My hands were hydrated and my nails/cuticles were also soft and moisturized.

SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask  is also perfect to begin an at home manicure or to include in an all around masking day for yourself on the weekend.

If you want to give yourself a skin treatment on a flight that won't bring any stares, SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask  is also perfect!  You'll arrive at your destination with soft, hydrated hands no matter how long your flight. - RLB

Purchase Here:  SEPHORA COLLECTION Avocado Hand Mask 1 Pair

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