Beauty Innovation - Kristin Ess Anytime Anywhere Recovery Balm + Cap

Kristin Ess Recovery Balm + Cap

Beauty lovers everywhere became hard core fans of Kristin Ess' Target hair care line last year, and I was one of them.  

Now Kristin is blessing us with more products for 2018 that address a variety of hair care needs and textures.

Kristin Ess Recovery Balm + Cap is my newest obsession for adding shine, deep conditioning or adding moisture to dry, parched hair before shampooing.  This is a must have for anyone with dry, relaxed, curly and textured hair.

The Kristin Ess Recovery Balm product design is genius!  It's a Caster Oil and Coconut Oil - based solid stick.  It can be applied directly to hands warmed up for a few seconds, and then distributed on hair, or swiped on your strands directly for for a targeted treatment.  

The included mini hair cap allows you to apply the Kristin Ess Recovery Balm put hair in a high/low bun or ponytail and then sleep with the treatment overnight for a deep condition - without any mess on your sheets and pillows.

I used Kristin Ess Recovery Balm + Cap  as an overnight treatment before a shampoo the next morning (I used Kristin Ess Frizz Management Cleansing Conditioner).  After my hair was blow dried, I used the Kristin Ess Recovery Balm  to add additional shine, moisture and smooth my ends, which it did, beautifully.  Used post shampoo, it still left my hair with movement and didn't feel or look greasy or sticky.

As with all of Krisin Ess' other products, Kristin Ess Recovery Balm  also has a beautiful scent, which for me, was faintly coconut and a bit floral. The solid stick is perfect for travel, the office or bringing to the gym to touch up hair after a work out

Add Kristin Ess Recovery Balm + Cap to your Krisin Ess collection now! - RLB

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