Beauty Find - Innisfree Moisture Volumizing Serum with Lava Water

 Innisfree Moisture Volumizing Serum with Lava Water

I continue to be impressed with Korean skincare brand, InnisfreeThis time, I've discovered one of their top serums, which is weightless, yet extremely hydrating and plumping.

Innisfree Moisture Volumizing Serum with Lava Water is made with actual lava water from the Jeju volcanic region in South Korea.  P.S. This region produces much of the water that is the "secret" to many of Innisfree's moisturizing products.

The serum also contains rare, rich natural minerals from the volcanic rocks, like vanadium and germanium. which give the formula the ability to increase skin’s moisture levels and plump the complexion with increased hydration.

After using this serum for several weeks, I can say I am in love! I used this serum most of the time as part of my longer evening skincare routine, and only needed 2 pea-sized drops to cover my face completely. It has a water/gel consistency out of the bottle, and once on the skin, it absorbed instantly and immediately plumped and hydrated my skin.  

It made my skin look fresh, glowy with a slight dewy finish.  My skin felt smooth and soft and there was no sticky residue or film that got in the way with my makeup or other skincare. Using the Innisfree Moisture Volumizing Serum with Lava Water under my moisturizer, I could feel how much more hydrated my drier areas were, and I loved the healthy, glowing look I had.  If you're in the market for a new hydrating serum, and want to explore Innisfree, this is the one to get.  - RLB

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