Beauty Find - Saborino Morning Face Mask

 Saborino Morning Lightening Face Mask, Minty Grapefruit (32 Sheets)
There's nothing I love more than an innovative way to save time with my beauty routine in the morning, and this Japanese Saborino Morning Face Mask is just what I needed.

Saborino Morning Face Mask is a unique 3-in-1 face mask designed to take the place of cleansing, toning and moisturizing in the morning.  The mask also works in just 60 seconds, and preps skin for immediate makeup application. What more can you ask for?

The Saborino Morning Face Mask pack contains 32 thin cotton sheet masks which are soft and stretchable, so they will fit a wide variety of face shapes.  All I needed to do is place a face mask on first thing in the morning, get my coffee brewed and relax for a bit, and then it was time to take it off!  I loved the fresh minty scent and slight tingling effect (from the citrus, which may be irritating if you have very sensitive skin.  If that's the case, no worries, there are three more versions of the Saborino Morning Face Mask, which I mention below).

Each Saborino Morning Face Mask holds a good amount of serum, and are damp, but they are not dripping wet, which I liked.  When I removed the mask, as directed, I patted my skin with the folded sheet mask to allow the rest of the serum absorb into my skin. 

Chart explaining how to use the
Saborino Morning Face Mask
After another minute, my skin was dry, and ready to either apply makeup, or for any additional skincare I might need, like sunscreen.  

After removing the Saborino Morning Face Mask, my skin was slightly dewy, plump and felt as fresh and toned as if I had washed it with water and used a liquid toner.   My skin felt balanced - not too tight and not oily, so this Minty Grapefruit (shown, above). version was good for my combination skin.

Using the Saborino Morning Face Mask in the mornings saved me several minutes in the morning, for sure, and I liked how nicely it prepped my skin for makeup. Note:  If you have very oily skin, or are in a warm weather area, you may want to do a light cleanse upon waking before using.

Now that I've gotten in the routine of using Saborino Morning Face Mask in the mornings, I'm becoming a huge fan of this concept, and plan on trying some of the other versions: their original Fruit and Herb, in the yellow package,  Kiwi Yogurt Brightening in the white package, and Mix Berry Moisturizing in the pink package. Give these a try - you'll thank me later! - RLB 

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