Vegan Beauty Find - Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black

Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black
For mascara lovers Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black really is a dream.  If you've become interested in using Vegan beauty products, or if you just want a multi-purpose mascara that really delivers, this is the one.  Formulated with all-natural plant fibers that promote growth, this 7-in-1 mascara will create longer lashes instantly with its peptides, which have been shown to help improve natural lash length and volume.

Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black has a unique brush which allows you to shorten it to make lashes fuller and lengthen it to lengthen lashes. All I had had to do is twist it one way and the wand got longer for applying the first lengthening coat of mascara. Then turn I turned the knob the other direction to shorten it for more volume When I applied a few coats with both the shorter and longer brush lengths, I was able to achieve a almost "false eyelash" look.  I got perfect lash separation, a fanned out effect and dark glossy black color, without any smudging or flaking.

 Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black
The Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black formula went on smoothly and the brush got to the base of my lashes to really lengthen quickly.  It's not too wet or too dry and allowed me time to build up my lashes without drying and setting too fast. Another plus: Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black stayed put all day long no matter the weather conditions.  

With the adjustable brush, you can tailor Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black to give you a very natural look, or a glam, fully lush eyelash effect.

I also love the Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black packaging which is pretty and cheerful.  It removes easily with any makeup remover or their own lovely scented makeup removing wipes.  Vegan or not, once you try Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Black you'll be hooked. - RLB

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