Hair Care Find - Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle

Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle
While there are less expensive heat protective sprays on the market, if you want a product that's worth the money and delivers on it's claims, Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle is a must have.

Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle is a leave-in spray that's non-greasy, lightweight, and gives hair softness, smoothness and shine.  It's also good for those of you who are prone to frizz, and works very well on curly hair blow outs.

Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle was formulated with natural ingredients like Algae, Quinoa and Hydrolyzed Silk to protect against damaging blow drying.  It offers detangling, conditioning and shine without any silicone, parabens or SLS.  

After washing I sprayed (its very concentrated so start with a few sprays and add more as needed!) the Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle on my washed, relaxed hair and began my blow dry.  As I dried it, I noticed how silky and smooth my hair was, and loved the fresh slightly sweet, floral scent, and the shine.  There was no residue or stickiness to my hair.  I also noticed that it gave my hair additional volume.

For my little one, who has naturally long, thick, curly hair, this gave her a silky, smooth blow out, and her hair was shiny and frizz free with lots of movement and no stickiness or oily feel, yet it was well hydrated.  

I fell in love with Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle and you will too. - RLB

Purchase Here: Leonor Greyl Paris Condition Naturelle, 5.2 oz.

*This product was provided courtesy of Leonor Greyl for reviewing purposes.

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