Drugstore Buy of the Week - e.l.f. Eye Primer + Liner Sealer

e.l.f. Eye Primer + Liner Sealer 

File e.l.f. Eye Primer + Liner Sealer under a great, essential beauty product you didn't realize you needed - and won't break the bank either!

e.l.f. Eye Primer + Liner Sealer is a two-sided product that has a cream stick side which allows you to prime your lids for long lasting eye shadow and a liquid side to be used under or over eye shadow used as liner, and eyeliner for more staying power.  Each side of the e.l.f. Eye Primer + Liner Sealer has a lightweight formula that didn't feel sticky or dry  lid area or cause flaking/fallout with my eye makeup.

e.l.f. Eye Primer + Liner Sealer 

I got very nice results with the e.l.f. Eye Primer by either applying directly in a swiping motion on my lid, or by rubbing my finger over the tube and then patting on my eye lid.  The texture of the primer was smooth and creamy - not too dry or slick feeling.

The e.l.f. Eye Primer shade is a beige out of the tube, but after blending it on my skin, it was almost translucent and didn't alter my eye shadow colors.  Any and all of my power and cream eye shadows stayed firmly in place all day.  The colors stayed true and they didn't bleed or fade away.

Since I often wear eyeliner without shadow, I was very eager to see how well the Liner Sealer* would do, and I was very impressed.  *Take care with opening the liner side, which says "seal" above it, as it can spill if you open the cap while upside down.

I used the Liner Sealer over pencil and liquid liner.  I applied the liner first, and then swiped a thin line of the sealer over it. The Liner Sealer didn't alter the liner and it only took a few seconds to set and dry.  Once it did, my liner didn't budge all day Note: The Liner Sealer per their directions, is designed to be mixed with eye shadow to line the eyes as a liquid liner, which did work for me, but I used it both ways. 

For just $3, e.l.f. Eye Primer + Liner Sealer  is the secret weapon that should be in every makeup artist and makeup lovers kit.  Order a few more for holiday beauty stocking stuffers too! - RLB

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