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PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara 

I've been eagerly awaiting the PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara for the last few months since I heard creator, PAT McGRATH's announcement she would be launching one.

Now that I've tried it I can say I wasn't disappointed  - and you won't be either.  For someone like me who has been testing and writing about mascaras for over 10 years, it's surprising how many brands (at all price points) have good intentions, but just miss the mark.  For mascara lovers, we're looking for noticeable length, increased thickness and density, separation, curl, with no clumping or flaking, preferably long wearing, with deep glossy color.

With PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara not only will you get all your wishes I described above but you'll also get a special brush which coats each lash easily and quickly and a mascara formula with conditioning peptides to strengthen and hydrate your lashes, so they are soft, flexible and feathery all day long - even with repeated applications.

PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes MascaraI is a very buildable formula.  With just the first coat I got perfect separation and increased length/thickness.  With two more coats I had long, fluttery curled lashes that I loved.  There was no clumping or flaking, and the formula dries very fast (but left my lashes soft) so there was no smudging.   Since my lashes are medium/long, I could really get quite a lot of extension with the brush design and formula, but even if you have shorter lashes, since you can build up with no clumping, a few more coats and you'll easily see at least 70% increase in your lash length.  

Another great benefit of PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara is that is also has a curling effect.  For those of you with naturally straight lashes, you can curl them first and then apply PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara and it will hold the curl - no dropping lashes!

With multiple coats of PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara I could get a "false eyelash" effect and I loved how soft and flexible my lashes stayed all day.  The extremely black glossy color really made my eyes stand out as well.

PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara is the mascara that you've probably been dreaming about for years - it's worth every penny so pick it up so it can become your holy grail! - RLB

Purchase Here: PAT McGRATH LABS FetishEyes Mascara 0.27 oz/ 8 mL

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