Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dove Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant

 Dove Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant 
Like many of you, over the last few years I've been trying different, more natural ingredient- based aluminum free deodorants.  Some have worked but I wasn't crazy about their scent or texture, others didn't quite live up to expectations to keep underarms fresh and dry all day.  In many cases, these natural alternatives cost quite a bit more than standard antiperspirant deodorants.

Dove Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant  solves all of these issues for me.  It's their first  0% Aluminum Deodorant in one of their current body wash and antiperspirant scents that I love,  Coconut & Pink JasmineThis formula provides moisture for soft and smooth underarms, 0% alcohol formula to help underarms recover from shaving irritation and provides 24 hour odor protection.  Note:  Since aluminum is the main ingredient in antiperspirant deodorants that blocks perspiration, Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant does not state that you won't experience any wetness, but read on for the overall benefits.

I love the Coconut & Pink Jasmine scent, which is fresh and floral with a touch of sweetness from the coconut.  The scent is actually a bit stronger than that in their anti-antiperspirants, because the benefit of this Dove Zero Aluminum formula is for overall long wearing freshness.  Dove Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant  glided on my skin nicely and had a lightweight, thin, silky texture.  It was completely transparent on my skin leaving no white residue on my skin or clothes.  

Dove Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant dried within a few seconds and didn't feel sticky or wet. During the day I could faintly smell the Coconut & Pink Jasmine scent, and I felt almost completely dry throughout the day.  On certain days when I was running around more or it was warmer, I did feel some breakthrough wetness (but no bad odor), but I carried it with me, reapplied and that took me through the rest of the day nicely.  I would say if you're in a very warm weather environment, or work out a lot, you will also most likely need to reapply a few times during the day.

As with many of Dove products, the packaging is very sleek, pretty and bathroom vanity friendly.  My skin felt very smooth and without any irritation or itching and it was nice to be able to it apply directly after shaving in the shower.  

If you're trying to incorporate natural beauty products and fewer chemicals in your body care routines, Dove Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant  is the perfect place to start that will also keep your wallet happy.  There are also two other scents in the Dove Zero Aluminum line as well if you want some variety too.  Make your underarms happy!  - RLB

Purchase Here: Dove Zero Aluminum Coconut & Pink Jasmine Deodorant 

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