Body Care Find - LULULEMON SELFCARE anti-stink deodorant mini

lululemon selfcare anti-stink deodorant mini Black Pepper Sandalwood 
lululemon has become one of the top athletic apparel brands for women.  Now they've used data on active women's needs to create a new line of selfcare products which are sweat-tested, cruelty-free and made with good-for-you ingredients to help get you look and feel your best quickly for workouts and busy days.

lululemon selfcare anti-stink deodorant mini Black Pepper Sandalwood  is one of the new products in the line that I love.  If you already use natural deodorants or want to try aluminum-free products, then you'll love this as well.  

lululemon selfcare anti-stink deodorant mini Black Pepper Sandalwood is made with Prebiotics which reduce the growth of bacteria and restrict odor forming bacteria, Zinc, a natural salt that acts as a highly effective odor absorber, and Coconut Oil, which conditions and softens the skin.

I love the lululemon selfcare anti-stink deodorant spray formulation which is concentrated with a targeted mist.  It dried down within seconds and left absolutely NO white cast or residue on my skin or clothing.  Like all aluminum-free products, this will not prevent sweating completely, but I found that I was only slightly wet after running around for errands or doing fitness walks during hot summer days and still smelled fresh.  

Since you can touch up without any build up, I also used it later in the afternoon just to freshen and smell the lovely Black Pepper Sandalwood scent which lingers softly and  is also unisex.

Some other great features are it's packaging, which has a rubberized base, so I was able to set it on any surface without the tube getting damp or soggy.  

lululemon selfcare anti-stink deodorant mini
Black Pepper Sandalwood

Another great bonus with lululemon selfcare anti-stink deodorant is since it's an aresol, you can even share it with your workout buddy!

Pick up a few of these deodorant mini's  to have in your workout bag and at home. - RLB


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