Beauty Find - Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo

Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo

Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo is the new makeup brush that many makeup lovers (and makeup artists) didn't know they needed.  Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo is hand-crafted in Japan by a team of seasoned artisans. The two-sided brush is genius.  It has an ergonomic design and is compatible with creams, powders, liquids, and gels. 

I initially thought this would be my go-to brush for applying concealer., but I found the Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo was perfect for a seamless, versatile blending for powder or any fluid makeup like concealers and highlighters. The black gel-tip blender on one side of this tool mimics the effect of fingertips without absorbing product like a traditional sponge.   

The  red, diamond-shaped, synthetic brush head looks and feels fluffy but contains a large amount of dense fibers in the center to maintain the tool’s shape and provide strength and flexibility.  I loved using it to apply and blend my setting powders as well as my powder bronzers and blushes.

 Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo

After using the silicone tip to apply my concealer it's now become my favorite way to do it.  It's much more hygenic and mess-free than using my fingers and glides a bit more easily than with a cocealer brush.  

After just a few swipes with the gel end of the Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo my concealer blended in seemlessly  into my skin.   

Since the Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo is short and compact, it was easy to manuver and perfect for travel (it also cuts out the need for multiple brushes).

As for the red brush end, it's soft - yet dense, so it worked for applying and blending all my powder makeup.  It was also easy to clean in addition to the gel tip as well.  After drying,  the brush and gel tip went right back to their original state.  The bottom line: Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Brush Duo needs to be in your makeup kit - STAT - RLB

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