Beauty Find - SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Skincare Fridge 9.5" H x 7" W x 9" D


From the moment I heard about skincare refrigerators a few years ago becoming all the rage in Asia, I said to myself: "Now THAT's a great idea!"  I've always kept certain eye masks, gel moisturizers, fragrances and even sheet masks in my regular refrigerator to experience the cooling effects.  But knowing that now all my skincare could be in one location without worrying about anything spilling on them or them breaking open onto food, etc. was very appealing.

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge is perfect for my needs.  It measures  9.5" H x 7" W x 9" D which will fit on most kitchen or bathroom countertops and is so cute!  The SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge has two levels and will fit several jars, serums, sheet masks eye masks and more.  It simply plugs in and it's ready to go.  

SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge Image 2


The SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge is quiet with a soft fan and kept my products cold and fresh. The shelves are also removable, so you can adjust them depending on what items you're storing, including taller bottles like toners, facial mists or makeup removers. 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge is a great way to store mini-sized skincare samples and travel-sized items and I also loved occasionally putting small hand towels in and using the optional warm setting to use with at-home beauty treatments.

While you won't be able to store ALL your skincare inside (unless you have a very streamlined skincare collection),  SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge is perfect for those key products you love to use chilled, on a regular basis.  - RLB

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