About Palacinka Beauty Blog

Who's behind Palacinka Beauty Blog?

Palacinka Beauty is Risi-Leanne Baranja's blog for people who LOVE beauty products.

Through her product selection, rigorous testing & daily reviews, she's there to help you buy your next beauty product, while making it all feel painless.

Her advice, opinions, insights and tips have been featured on Better TVAOL, NY's WBLS-FM radio as well as glossy magazines, newspapers and online destinations like Glamour Magazine,Shape MagazineMore MagazineLos Angeles Times,Allure.com (where she was also a 2012 finalist for Beauty Blogger of the Year) and the CoverGirl YouTube Channel for COVERGIRL How-To Video for Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss.

And when she's not spraying, painting and brushing on beauty products, you can find her indulging in great movies, live sport events and the occasional 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' marathon.

Get ready to have your beauty brain cells delighted at Palacinka.com.

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Extra Info!

What does the word "Palacinka" mean?
It's a thin, crepe-like pancake that is filled with soft cheeses, fruits, chocolate, etc. in most parts of central and eastern Europe. It's pronounced (PAL-A-CHINK-A), or similarly, in this part of the world as well.

OK, sounds yummy...but why is it the name of the beauty blog?
First, yes they ARE yummy...

The story is that Risi-Leanne's husband is from ex-Yugoslavia and his family gave her the nickname "Palacinka" because they had trouble pronouncing her name at first. 

*It's also a slang term in his town for a "pretty girl". Isn't that nice?

Hence the name for the blog..she figured even if people didn't automatically know what it meant, it still sounded really cute!