Drugstore Buy of the Week - CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner in Purrmaid

CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner, Purrmaid 

For Spring, Katy Perry has another CoverGirl Katy Kat makeup collection.  This one is inspired by mermaids (with equally cute nods to cats in the shade names!). Unlike her first CoverGirl Katy Kat Matte collection, all the shades in Katy Kat Pearl collection the eyeliners and lipsticks are beautifully pearlized, but not shimmery.
I loved the CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner, Purrmaid at first site.  I knew it was just what I needed to brighten up my eye looks for spring.  The green has the perfect amount of pop and softness to wear day or night.  
Purrmaid green is a unique, edgier shade you don't normally find in a drugstore brand, and I love Katy for pushing the boundaries with it.
The CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner, Purrmaid texture is a dream.  It's very soft, smooth and felt like a liquid when I drew it along my lids, but it set instantly like a traditional pencil.  There's also a smudger tip to blend out the lines depending on the type of look you want.  I liked using CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner, Purrmaid in a traditional cat eye line (similar to the image left).
The green brightened up my brown eyes and really made them pop.  I got tons of compliments every time I wore the Purrmaid shade.
CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner, Purrmaid has incredible pigment and lasting power.  My liner shade stayed in place all day and the color never faded or smudged.
Have some fun this spring with CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner, Purrmaid. It's limited edition, so don't wait! - RLB

Purchase Here: CoverGirl Katy Kat Pearl Eyeliner, Purrmaid Also available at Walgreens.com and most drugstores nationwide.

*This product was provided courtesy of CoverGirl for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter 50 Dew You

Sometimes you want a highlighter with BLING.

That's exactly what you get with Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter .

This smooth, lightweight formula (that smells like a pretty coconut drink!) is hydrating and layers/mixes well with foundation and primer.  The finish is very shimmery with a pretty gleam that works on all skin tones.

When you want a glam night look or a fun summer party look, the pretty multi dimensional shimmer and smooth coverage will go a long way.

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter is in a pump bottle which made it easy to control the amount.  I used this in multiple ways, I mixed a tiny amount with my foundation for an overall sheen, and I also used it as a traditional highlighter. The color is a warm sheen that leans toward a peach/bronze, and looks pretty on all skin tones.  I also loved using a bit in my lotion, which looked so pretty on legs/arms and decolletage. 

I got good results using a brush, or beauty blender for traditional highlighting on the high points of my cheekbones and brow bones.  This is a very concentrated product, so I didn't need any more than a pen-point sized amount.  The dry down is soft and dewy (but not greasy looking) with no flaking and the intensity lasted for many hours with no fading or drying out.

Treat yourself to Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter 50 Dew You it will become a frequent go to in your makeup kit - professional or personal! - RLB

Hair Care Find - Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner

Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner 

If you have relaxed, very dry or very curly hair that you don't wash more than 1x week to keep it from drying out, then you'll appreciate a product like the new Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner .

Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner has everything your looking for - it freshens hair quickly with a pretty scent, it's lightweight and doesn't cause flaking or white residue  and it actually moisturizes and conditions hair and gives it instant shine.  It's also a handy detangler when you're on the go.

I was surprised how convenient the Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner formula is.  It's perfect for when it's too humid to use a heavy duty moisturizing conditioner, and also for wintertime when you need some additional moisture in-between your shampoos that doesn't weigh hair down or make it sticky.

The Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner scent is fresh, airy and chic (like you're in a luxe salon) and lingers for just a few minutes and then subtly during the day.  If you have little ones that get tangles, I recommend spraying some from the mid length to the ends of their hair and then combing - you'll see a real difference before doing it for them and they will be much happier.

Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner works well on all hair types, but is particularly great for relaxed that's been blown straight and very curly hair that's been blow out.  It extends the blow out my keeping hair sleek and smooth, as well as giving it shine.  I used the Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner  as recommended.  I sprayed it on the mid length to the ends of my hair and then brushed. There was absolutely no white fall out and I could see the shine immediately.

Keep a can of  Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner on hand at all times and watch how much better your weekly blow outs will look.  - RLB

Purchase Here: Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner