Beauty Find - NARS Holiday 2014 Collection

Looking for a little something special to perk up your Fall, Winter and Holiday beauty looks?

Look no further than the beautiful and color-rich NARS Holiday 2014 Collection.

There's something for everyone in this year's lineup, but two of the stand out favorites are:

NARS Femme Fleur Hardwired Lipstick (shown, above).  This "Hardwired" lipstick series is a new lipstick finish which combines the unique pigment combinations with a sheen finish.  This color is a muted, dark copper brown at first glance.  But when you look at little closer after applying it, you can see just the faintest layer of golden shimmer.  

The color was opaque and also fairly moisturizing.  While not billed as a long lasting lipstick, I did get 4-5 hours with just a bit of fading after drinking coffee, etc.  This is now my go-to neutral shade!  It's perfect for day or night and I love how warm the brown tone is.  This is a shade that would look good on darker skin tones, and many with warm/olive skin tones as well.  The lipstick case also has the special holiday packaging design on the cap.

For nails, the new NARS Barents Sea Nail Polish (shown, left) is another unique and beautiful shade to incorporate into your collection.

This bold blue has a metallic finish and a deep blue fine shimmer that can be seen throughout.

The texture was thick and creamy and two coats did provide the color in the bottle.  This dries to a semi-shiny finish and I got about 4-5 days of wear with a top coat before any shipping.

There are two other nail shades shades in the Holiday 2014 Collection and all three have this beautiful specialized floral packaging on the bottle.  This is a true find for the beauty lover in your life if your starting to look for holiday stocking stuffers/gifts! - RLB

*These products were provided courtesy of NARS PR for reviewing purposes.

Drugstore Buy of the Week - John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Hairspray, Oct. Breast Cancer Awareness Edition

So you've just blown out your hair and want to make sure it doesn't revert back to curly/wavy or even worse - become frizzy.

But let's say you also want a bit of hold for your sleek hair - without getting dry or "crunchy".
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, Firm-Hold, 12 oz is a product that does what it says - and does it well.

The hold on this fine mist spray is firm yet allows you to still run your hands through your hair.  It's amazing!  The spray allows hair to still be flexible, touchable and yet allows sleek waves
or bone straight hair to keep it's shape - even in humid/misty-rainy conditions.

The hairspray dries super fast (almost upon contact), and also gave my hair some added shine.  For those that want to keep hair curly/wavy, you can just spray on before finger styling or brushing, and you'll get all the anti-frizz benefits that you would with a serum or gel.

I also love that John Frieda has created a version benefiting October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Not only is this a product you'll want to stock up on, but when you do, you'll be helping so many people!  Now that's what I call beautiful :) - RLB

Go--> John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray, Firm-Hold, 12 oz (Oct. Breast Cancer Awareness Edition shown above is available in most drugstores this month, nationwide).

Body Care Find - Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion Collection

No time for a spa day (at home or at the real thing)?

All you need is a few minutes with some of these new Laura Mercier body care products from the new Verbena Infusion Collection and you'll feel like you've had one.
Laura's body care products have become favorites among beauty lovers, because they have rich, fragrant, unique scents and luxurious textures and packaging.

The latest, limited edition collection is very different from her other scents.  This one is meant for those of you who love crisp, grassy, green citrus notes.  

The fragrance is full and fresh and perfect for a pick me up in the mornings.  The fragrance notes are spearmint, fresh blossoms, white amber, and cedarwood.  This is a perfect collection to splurge on a few products for yourself, and a few more for beauty gifts for the fragrance lovers in your life.

This scent is perfect for a crisp, sunny Fall, and of course Spring and Summertime.

Here are some of my favorites in the line, which also includes a body body oil and scrub:

Verbena Infusion Eau De Toilette
This is the true essence of the scent.  I love how crisp and refreshing the opening notes are, and there's a nice staying power, which is always a treat from a lighter infusion like an Eau De Toilette.

Verbena Infusion Crème Body Cleanse
The body cleanser matches the Toilette and is a bit greener once the cleanser mixes with water.  It changes from a milky texture to a foam and then a lightweight (low) lather.  This is very moisturizing and I loved how soft and silky my skin felt when I rinsed.  It also makes the bathroom smell amazing afterwards!

Verbena Infusion Gel Body Moisture
This was a nice complement to the body cleanser for those parts of the body that need just a touch more moisture, like legs, elbows, feet, etc.  I loved this texture - it's a gel/creme hybrid that is featherweight but packs a serious punch with delivering moisture.  A little goes a long way and I love the packaging for this product in particular.  Lovely to look at and use! - RLB

Go-->Laura Mercier Verbena Infusion Collection 

Fragrance Notes:
Spearmint, fresh blossoms, white amber, and cedarwood.

*These products were provided courtesy of Laura Mercier PR for reviewing purposes.