Drugstore Buy of the Week - Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic

Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic 

One of my favorite Target beauty brands, Pixi by Petra has just expanded their skincare line with a very exciting product that another great bargain.
Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic is a toner that provides powerful, fast acting results with a  encapsulated, time-release retinol formula.  This formula is perfect for those sensitive to retinol’s occasional, skin-drying and irritating side effects.  
Purchase Here: Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic 
Retinol toners are quite rare, and Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic is combined with a blend of powerful antioxidants and botanicals like rosemary and jasmine, which work together to soothe, plump and brighten skin.This means if you've had a bad experience with a retinol product before, causing skin irritation, you won't have that problem with  Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic because it's much more gentle. Retinol on it's own has been used for years to provide the elimination of lines, wrinkles and discoloration.
Purchase Here: Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic 
I used Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic day and night as a toner step.  I applied with a cotton pad after cleansing my skin and then layered my serum in the evening or sunscreen in the morning over it.  I didn't experience any stinging or uncomfortable feeling, and my skin felt smooth and refreshed.
Within just a few days I could see how much brighter and smoother my complexion looked. Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic is the perfect companion product to add to your skincare routine, especially if you've never tried a retinol product before.
Purchase Here: Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic 
Note: Pixi by Petra Retinol Tonic should not be used with skincare products that contain glycolic acid, and if using in the morning, pair it with a good sunscreen to avoid any irritation from the sun with the retinol.  This is the perfect toner to use with antioxidant serums, hydrating essenses and gel-cream based moisturizers.

Natural Beauty Find - Native Deodorant

Native Deodorant

I''m always on the hunt for a nice smelling, effective natural deodorant which can keep me as dry and fresh as a traditional antiperspirant.  

So when I heard about Native Deodorant on a recent trip to LA and decided to give it a go.  Native Deodorant is made in the United States and fights odors and wetness without aliminum or parabens..  It is able to do this by using baking soda to neutralize odors, arrowroot powder to absorb moisture and acidophilus to eliminate odor-causing fungi, yeast, and bacteria. 

I used the delicious sounding limited edition Rose scent (shown above), which I loved.  It did remind me of a sweet and slightly tarte rose wine (which I love to drink!)  It is a blend with notes of strawberries, melon, and florals, and the scent did linger for several hours after applying it.  It didn't compete with any fragrance I might have also worn, but there were some really hot summer days I just wore it alone for a subtle trace of fragrance throughout the day.

After replacing my traditional antiperspirant deodorant with Native deodorant for over a month, I can honestly say this is a fantastic alternative for those of you who want to use an aluminum free product.  The scent was amazing, the texture of the deodorant was smooth and creamy going on my skin, but melted in and dried within seconds, leaving no white residue on my skin - or my clothes.  

I was very impressed with how well Native kept me both dry and fresh smelling - even in extreme heat over the summer and doing lots of running around.  This is the perfect natural deodorant for those of you who live very active lifestyles or are athletes.  

On most days I didn't even have any wetness breakthrough during the day, and on the occasions when I did, the amazing scent still carried through and I touched up to regain a dry feel.

There are deodorants for men (4 varieties including the popular Eucalyptus and Mint (shown, left), which I found to be a great unisex fragrance.  There are also 8 varieties for women (including the popular Coconut and Vanilla).  I've since bought several more scents like the Lime and Coconut, Hibiscus and Mint and Bergamot and Sage for my hubby and little one.  

The Native line is perfect for the whole family that want to use more natural products that are still as effective as traditional ones.  Give it a try!-  RLB

Purchase Here: Native Deodorant

Beauty Find - BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer is a new full coverage concealer that will take you through the summer months and beyond..  

I was looking for a long wear concealer to wear to outdoor summer events and BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer was just what I needed.  BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer is a long-wearing, full-coverage formula that also has   light and pigment technology to blur the appearance of pores, fine lines, and uneven texture.  

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer
If you have skin on the drier side, you'll also appreciate the hydrating creamy texture which contains a blend of vitamin E, squalene, and manuka honey to nourish the skin.  The formula is surprisingly weightless and goes on with a smooth, satin (not completely matte) finish. 

I was able to use BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer for my under eye area, as well as for spot concealing.  My color match was Cinnamon (shown above) The color blended perfectly into my skin and dried instantly with no smudging, pilling or flaking.  BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer worded well both on my bare skin on more natural days, as well as over foundation.  If I was taking pictures, I did set it with a layer of setting powder and makeup setting spray, but for an average day, my concealer wore well all day into the evening with the color and coverage staying fresh.

What's amazing is that as lightweight as BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer felt, it was truly long wearing, hydrating with a soft, smooth texture that covered discolorations as if it were a foundation.

BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer has everything a makeup lover like me could want - full coverage, lightweight feel, hydration and blurring with a great range of shades.  Add this one to your kit or collection! - RLB

Purchase Here: BECCA Ultimate Coverage Longwear Concealer Cinnamon 0.21 oz/ 6 g