Beauty Find - Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Champagne Pearl

There's nothing better than a intense, moisturizing lip treatment that also happens to be a pretty, flattering, easy to wear color.
Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Champagne Pearl is a golden-peachy, shimmery shade that is subtle but made my lips look very pretty.  This also makes a great base for light, neutral lip colors to give them a bit more dimension, all the while caring for your lips.  Like  Bite Beauty's original, non-tinted version, this lip mask has a blend of antioxidants, including organic agave nectar, jojoba, and 15 mg of antioxidant resveratrol.
If you want to keep your look very neutral with just that touch of shimmer, this also works well alone with a nude colored lip liner.
The container is a sturdy squeeze tube which travels and packs well in bags because it does not get dented or punctured. 
The formula itself has a petroleum jelly weight to it, but is still light and only slightly oily when applying from the tube, But by the time I had layered it on my lips, they felt soft, with a nice shine and were only minimally sticky.  I also have to mention how YUMMY this smells/tastes - like sugar - but not in an artificial way (a nod to the agave nectar it's made with I'm sure).  The scent also disappeared after a few minutes. During the day I found it lasted through several drinks/meals, and I only needed to reapply sparingly.
To use Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask  as an overnight healing treatment for very chapped, dry and flaky lips, you can try doing a mild exfoliation first and then apply a thick layer.  When I did this routine, in the morning my lips were pillowy soft and still had a trace of that pretty peach shade! - RLB
*This product was provided courtesy of Bite Beauty PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Mask

Can you really visibly improve your skin in ONE minute?
Do you doubt me?
Well, it's OK if you do. Believe me I was intrigued but skeptical when I read the claims.
But, it is true.  REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial 2.5 oz does work - and it works in one minute.

Just read on for my experience.
This mask uses technology which locks in 10 percent vitamin C along with magnesium in combination formula of silica/glyceride. Stabilized vitamin C has been found to support natural collagen synthesis, improve skin elasticity, and even out skin tone.  It also contains boswellic acid  which relaxes muscles and fights facial fatigue, diminishing appearance of lines and wrinkles.
The texture is a combination of a grainy face scrub and gel/cream mask, and it couldn't have been easier to use. I simply applied about a dime-sized amount to my cleansed skin, added a bit of water, massaged for 1 minute (the grains became softer and smoother with the massage) and then rinsed it off.
My skin absolutely glowed afterwards.  My t zone was smooth and baby soft - and my skin was perfectly primed for my makeup products immediately afterwards.  My skin was hydrated and there was no residue or film left after rinsing.  Despite the exfoliation grains, it didn't irritate my skin, and this is recommended even for sensitive skin types. 
This is the perfect pick me up after a late night, long flight, before having pictures taken on being on camera, after a gym workout or right before heading out for a big night on the town.  The 2.5 oz size also works for adding to your carry on travel bag so you can always have great skin on the road too!. This is going to be a permanent part of my skincare collection from now on. - RLB
NOTE: This mask should not be used more than every 3 days, as directed.

*This product was provided courtesy of REN skincare PR for reviewing purposes.

Nail Polish Find - SEPHORA Collection Formula X The System

It sounds more like a hair regimen to be sure, but the latest way to get healthy, shiny, chip-free color is by using "The System" - Cleanse-Prime-Shine.

SEPHORA Collection's nail polish line, Formula X The System, is dollar for dollar one of the best buys and highly effective sets of nail products I've ever tried - and I've tried a LOT of them.

If you thought that the only way to get shiny, chip free color these days was by getting a gel manicure from a salon, forget all of that now.

By simply following the steps in the system, using the 3 included products (you also get to pick your nail color to go with the set) I went for nearly 2 weeks with just minor chipping - and that was only towards the end of the 2 weeks.

The Cleanse product is a alcohol based formula which gently removes any last remaining color or nail products from your previous manicure.  I was very impressed that my nails didn't feel dry or damaged after this step.  Next, I added the Base coat which was a bit thicker than the average base coat and had more of a sticky feel, but once dry it felt fine and was the perfect base for the SEPHORA Formula X nail color. 

The Formula X nail color was creamy, very smooth and while the first coat went on a little streaky, by the second, the color and formula settled and was smooth.  With two coats the color was true to the bottle shade. I love a nice coral in the summer, so I used Incandescent (shown, left).

The Top coat was what really brought everything together.  The texture was very smooth and the finish extremely shiny - the glossy effect lasted for at least 5 days before even dulling just a bit. Once the top coat was on it only took a few minutes for my nails to dry completely. By the second week I just added a new layer of the top coat and my nails looked like I had just had them done all over again!

This is a perfect set for those of you looking to save money from having weekly nail salon manicures, those who are trying to perfect their nail painting skills like teens or college girls, or just nail polish lovers who always want their nails to look great, without putting a lot of effort - or time into it.  - RLB

This set contains:
- 0.4 oz Nail Cleanser
- 0.4 oz Base Coat
- 0.4 oz Top Coat
- 0.4 oz Nail Color of your choice 

Go--> SEPHORA Collection Formula X The System

*This product was provided courtesy of Sephora PR for reviewing purposes.