Olay Body Body Wash, Daily Purifying, with Sea Salts

Tester: Asian (Filipino) with dry skin on body.

“To tell you the truth, I have been so immersed in Olay’s facial care products (Definity, Total Effects, etc.), that I have not used one of their body washes in a few years!

I’m glad to say that it’s come to an end with my testing of their new Daily Purifying wash.

This body wash looks different than their past washes, and it’s also is right up my alley with Sea Salts, since I’ve experienced great results from many products & spa treatments using them. The texture is that of a smooth, gelatinous liquid with the scrubbing beads and sea salts embedded within. The combination of the beads and salts gave me a really nice scrub; energizing and very good for the key areas like elbows and knees, while being extremely moisturizing and gentle at the same time. Note that this is not a high lathering body wash however (didn't bother me). I also loved the scent, which is fresh/marine.

I loved using this after a day at the beach or a gym workout. After rinsing it off it left my skin soft and supple without any film residue. It's also quite concentrated, so a little goes a long way, making this a great buy as well. This is a perfect solution for those of you who have dry skin and would like a cleanser/exfoliator in one!” G.D.

Go-->Olay Body Body Wash, Daily Purifying, with Sea Salts & Microbeads, 23.6 fl oz (700 ml) (Pack of 3)

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