Impulse Buy of the Week - Avril Lavigne Black Star Perfume, inc. I have to admit I didn't even know Avril Lavigne had a new fragrance until just recently, but I got the opportunity to try it out. What makes fragrance continually so fun and fascinating to me is the constant reminder that there really is a discovery process with each and every scent I encounter.

You really cannot judge a fragrance solely by the name/bottle/celebrity/color/price attached to it. I feel you have to experience it to really know for sure if it's for you (much like another love of mine, wine).

Case in point - as soon as I heard Black Star was Teen-Friendly rocker Avril Lavigne's scent, it did cross my mind for a second that it would be sweet, sweet, sweet - and probably not that complex.

Well, I was very wrong (see - don't assume!).

This is a scent that young teens/younger women (who are her primary fan base) will probably love, but many other women will also love it because it's really good.

Avril describes the scent as "edgy and feminine in a fun way", and I have to say that really does capture the essence I got from it.

The opening notes of pear were very bright, fresh and clear - which I really enjoyed. There was also a plum note that also came into play early in the scent on my skin, which remained throughout. As time went on I got a bit more of the floral from the hibiscus flower, but mostly it was a light plum/pear mix and I loved it! The dry down is where the "edgy" vibe comes from, in that it's a dark chocolate - which was the perfect mix of sweet and dry on my skin, with just a touch of coconut/vanilla swirled in as well. The lasting power was also very good. While this is perfectly suitable for day time, I also liked it for an evening scent as well.

As for the packaging, I found myself loving it more and more the longer I spent time with it. The pink/black color scheme and "studded" effect with the silver geometric cubes is really fun and different. The shape of the bottle is reminiscent of a few other scents I can think of (and probably you can too), but the shape has a nice twist to the idea in that it's a unique asymmetrical star (which also has a different effect if you look at the bottle from a bird's eye view), and underneath the black cap is a studded silver metal piece which can be slipped on and worn as a ring or as a pendant. Cool! - RLB

In the US Black Star is sold at Kohl's nationwide

Fragrance Notes:

Top note: green pear, pink hibiscus flower.
Middle note: delicious black plum.
Base note: dark chocolate.

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