Budget Beauty Find - Victoria's Secret Pink Me Up Globe Lip Gloss

Sephora.com, Inc. I recently came across these little lip glosses in the Victoria's Secret store, and then subsequently got one in my FAB goodie bag from celebrity makeup artist, Jackie Gomez's website launch party last month!

Now, I have totally fallen in love with these new glosses from VS Pink Me Up line. There are actually two different shades in the globe, and you simply twist it open to reveal the two shades.

In each one, there is a soft shimmer gloss and a sparking glitter gloss. They are meant to be either worn over your favorite lip color, alone for a natural "your lips but better look" or combined for a really sexy, shiny but still soft in color look. One of my favorites was Cutie, which is a Shimmery Pink shade and a Sparkly Champagne shade.

The gloss is soft, creamy and very moisturizing - even the glitter shades, which I was impressed by - since glitter lip products can sometimes be drying.

There's a lot of product in each half of the globe, so for their current 3 for $15 offer they make an amazing buy too! - RLB

Go --->Pink Me Up Globe Lip Gloss

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