Beauty Flashback - Janice Dickinson

In this series, I look back at models, entertainers and celebrities who have left an indelible mark on the world of beauty, fashion, modeling, and style for me via magazine covers.

Long before Janice Dickinson became the resident "bad girl" judge on Tyra Bank's hit reality television show, America's Next Top Model, Janice could be found covering all the top American and European fashion magazines.

Yes, she claims that she was the original "supermodel", (and even coined the term).
Whether or not you agree with this piece of model history, one thing is certain - in the late 70's, Janice's magazine covers were simply stunning!

Her work with Vogue Paris is some of my favorite. The covers really display her stunning (and, at the time, considered very "ethnic", according to Janice) features - the eyes, the beautiful olive skin tone and of course her famous pout!

In the above 1979 June/July Vogue Paris cover, I love the hot fuschia lip and the sweep of the hair along with that dramatic, arched brow. She is giving the camera true intensity and glamour - covers don't get much better than this!

In this next cover, from February 1978, she's giving a softer, more romantic feel. The beautiful tendrils in her hair and the defined coral lip along with the olive silk blouse are spot on.

In this Elle cover from November 1977 (shown, below left), I love the glossy full mane of hair, and the stunning red shade on her lips. She didn't smile for very many of her magazine covers, so this one really stands out for it's more "girl next door" vibe that she gives off. She also has lashes for days in this cover- which I love! - RLB

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