Hair Product Find - Strawberry Hair Curlers Banish Beauty Blunders

Here's a hair product find I stumbled upon and ordered on a whim because they were so darned cute!

They are called Strawberry Hair Curlers - just shaped like a strawberry of course...

The curlers are made of cotton and are a fun way to add some loose, spiral curls to your hair. There are 5 in a pack and they are very soft and pliable, and don't damage or pull the hair.

I used them on damp hair, adding a strand of hair (about an inch or so will fit) in the opening between the "top and the bottom" of the strawberry, turned them upwards toward the scalp and then blow dried my hair dry. I left in for a few minutes and unrolled them. Since they are soft, you can also sleep in them if you prefer...what a fun way to go curly! - RLB Complexion Perfection


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