Beauty Find - Patyka BIOKALIFTIN Smoothing Revitalizing Toner

Are you a regular toner user?  If not, is it because you think, (or have heard)  a toner doesn't really add any skin benefits and is a waste of time/money?
Well, I've found over the years, that a toner that has effective, proven ingredients combined with a gentle formula, can be worth it's weight in gold.  Many skin care experts say that toners offer a final cleanse to the skin as well as clearing the skin for products (serums, lotions, etc.) to penetrate more effectively.
Patyka PATYKA BIOKALIFTIN Smoothing Revitalizing Toner  is one of those toners that I say is not only a pure joy to use - but extremely effective for the skin. 
It may also make you rethink any "I don't need a toner" stance you may have.
This toner, as it's name suggests, helps to smooth and bring a glow to the skin.  It does that with the help of a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid in combination with botanical extracts like Orange Water, Oat and Mallow.  This toner left my skin glowing, and healthy looking  after applying with cotton pads after cleansing, both am and pm.  The consistency is clear and water- like, and the fragrance is almost addicting!  It's a combination of floral and slightly citrus notes, and very fresh and relaxing.  This was one of the main features that drew me to using it each and every day.  I also loved keeping it in the refrigerator for the instantly cooling effect around my eye area, but either room temperature or cold, it was smooth and soft going on my skin.
Patyka is a French luxury natural beauty brand that I've loved for several years, and is now in the US. Their packaging and design are luxurious, elegant and calming at the same time - it simply doesn't look or feel like anything else on the market to me, including other French skin care lines.  The is a product that's a wonderful introduction to the Patyka line - you won't regret the investment! - RLB

Go-->;Patyka PATYKA BIOKALIFTIN Smoothing Revitalizing Toner  - 5 fl oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Patyka PR for reviewing purposes.

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