Body Care Find - The Body Shop Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel-Cream Massager


If you've ever wondered if a body product could give you the effect of a "cup of coffee" then keep reading...
The Body Shop Spa Fit Firming & Toning Gel-Cream Massager is a body cream which moisturizes and tones - and also gives your skin an energizing tingle!
The cream is lightweight and smooth, and post-shower I applied it by twisting the soft rubber-like massager opening at the end of the tube. Once I applied the cream, I closed the massager opening and used the massager to distribute and help the cream absorb into my skin.  
This was great for abs, thighs, legs and bottom.  The "tingle" effect did not appear until about a minute or two after the cream was absorbed into my skin.  I loved the effect and combined with the amazing orange/citrus scent, this made each and every morning better for me!  The tingling started off moderately and got intense for just a few minutes and then almost imperceptibly faded away within another five minutes or so.
Like most topical firming creams, this will not eliminate prominent cellulite, loose skin etc., but after using daily for almost three weeks I can say my skin has an overall smoother and firmer texture. The formula does actually contains some caffeine, which does help to temporarily draw water out of the skin for improved appearance. 
What is great about the tube packaging is that the massager can be detached if you prefer just using your hands to massage the cream into your skin, or to use the massager with another body care product as well. Other great uses for this cream are at the end of a long day or post workout/run to reenergize yourself! - RLB   

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