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I'd heard rumors recently that there were fragrance products in the works which actually were designed to deliver ingredients via the skin's surface that would noticeably increase energy.
When I heard about the new Sprayable Energy product, I immediately wanted to give it a go.  It's the brainchild of two entrepreneurs who wanted to create a product that would help people.  They had a connection with PhD experience and patents in product absorption through the skin and after many hours of experimenting with the formula, came up with Sprayable Energy.
While this products doesn't feature a fragrance (yet),  It does do it pretty much what it says...deliver a sustained dose of caffeine to your system through the skin during the day.
All it takes is two pumps on each side of your neck and you're good to go!  The product comes in a convenient, slim twist up spray tube which is easy to toss into any bag or even a pair of pants/jacket.  I usually sprayed first thing in the morning before starting my day.
Now - how did it feel?  Well, first it should be noted that the company does state that the amount of caffeine contained within the product is less than that found in a cup of coffee. If you are the type of person who feels a jolt of energy after just a cup or two of coffee a day (like me) then the amount of caffeine in Sprayable Energy is perfect for you. 
I felt more alert, but not jumpy with a nice steady feeling of energy - not like a caffeine "buzz" at all.  Note: I made sure to not have more than 1 actual cup of coffee throughout the day when I was using this product. 
I think this could be the start of a new category of actual "sprayable energy-fragrance " products, but for now, it's in my day bag at all times when I need a little "boost"! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Sprayable Energy PR for reviewing purposes.

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