Body Care Find - Biotherm Lait De Gommage Gentle Exfoliating Milk

I can't be the only that gets drawn in by a body/face product which have the word "Milk" in them - can I? :)

The idea of a body cleanser that combined the moisturizing properties of a Milky texture and feel with exfoliation was right up my ally...

Biotherm Lait De Gommage Gentle Exfoliating Milk starts out as a fairly thick, grainy cream.  I applied it  once my skin was completely wet. Then, it was such a treat to start scrubbing! I loved the texture of the scrub once it had contact with water and I began cleansing/massaging the product into my skin. It did in fact, turn pale while and "milky" in texture. 

The exfoliating grains are very fine, and gritty. It's the perfect balance to really slough off dry dead skin cells, and still be gentle. After rinsing off, my skin was super soft and silky to the touch, with the added benefit of a nice amount of moisture - without any oily or sticky film left behind. If you have very dry skin, or very dry areas, like elbows, feet, etc., you will still need to add body lotion/oil post-shower, however. The other amazing feature of this scrub is the scent! It's a very uplifting and a unique citrus that you don't usually find in body washes/scrubs. 

For those of you who like to multi-task, yes this can also be used as a cleansing scrub for the face as well. Since the grains are coarse, for best results, use on a damp face and mix a bit of water into the scrub and massage in your hands first before applying to the face. This one body care product you'll keep reaching for! - RLB

Go-->Biotherm Lait De Gommage Gentle Exfoliating Milk 200ml/6.76oz

This product was provided courtesy of Biotherm PR for reviewing purposes.

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