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When it's after lunch and not quite time for dinner, that's when the "snacking" time can take over - and sometimes wreck an otherwise great day of healthy eating.

Pur Pak Active Lifestyle Supplement is a powder vitamin supplement I've recently discovered which is a great little item to add into your daily routine.  It's similar in concept to a powdered drink like Crystal Light, but this is a supplement gives you a BIG does of  vitamins and other healthy nutrients your body needs.  It also tastes good and fills you up until you can have your next healthy meal!

I tried Pur Pak in all three of their flavors: Tangy Berry, Citrus and Super Green.  I loved how easy the packets were to toss into my bag and open to mix with water.  Each pack only has 15 calories and they're Gluten, Dairy, GMO free with no artificial sweeteners and a host of daily vitamins, mineral and even probiotics. The supplement is also designed to aid in the exercise recovery process and especially important for those of you who are avid runners, bikers, etc.  And if that's not enough, it also replenishes electrolytes after working out, heavy activity, etc.

I would add one of the packs to a 16 oz. bottle of water either before working out or in the late afternoon when I would normally reach for a snack. The powder is finely milled with a slightly sand-like texture out of the pack, but I was surprised how smoothly it blended into the water.  The result after a few shakes was almost like that of a juice - it had a bit more heft to it than a normal powdered drink.  I loved the Tangy Berry in particular, which tasted like a very zesty combination of sweet berries with some slightly tarte citrus flavors.  I loved the energy boost I felt and the quenching of my thirst and hunger all in one. - RLB

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*These products were provided courtesy of Pur Pak PR for reviewing purposes.

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