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If you love water, but sometimes want a healthy change of pace (I fall into this category) OR you're not crazy about the taste of water on it's own, but don't want sodas or premade vitamin waters with artificial sweeteners -  you need Stur in your life!

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer works in a similar way to others on the market - but with a BIG difference.  There are no artificial colors, sweeteners or dyes - and No Calories, No Sugar, and 7 essential Vitamins - Vitamin A D E B3 B5 B6 B12 for increased energy naturally.   Each bottle makes about 18 drinks.  It's also light and small enough (about the size of a golf ball - but it's a "flattened oval").  The flavors are sweetened with natural Stevia Leaf Extract.

All you have to do is squeeze the bottle for 10 full seconds, releasing the liquid into your still (or sparkling) water.  It dissolves instantly and so thoroughly  that there is little need for actually mixing or shaking, but you can certainly do this is it's your preference.  Added to a large 12 oz bottle of water, it makes sipping water during the day so easy and enjoyable.  Continue doing this each and every day, and you'll enjoy the benefits of feeling fuller, hydrating your body and even improving the look and appearance of your skin!

My personal favorites are Honestly Lemonade, Only Mint/Cucumber (unsweetened), and Truly PomeCranberry.  My little sporty spice was crazy about the Simply Strawberry and loved mixing it with the Orange Mango or Honestly Lemonade.  The flavors are delicious, and don't have any harsh or artificial aftertaste.  It really did feel like I was putting these fresh ingredients into my water.  Another great thing about the flavors is that they mix so well together, and if you really want to have something different, you can add them to flavored sparkling water e.g. Honestly Lemonade to a Lime Sparkling water was delicious!

My suggestion is that you buy a pack with several flavors and combine, have fun and DRINK MORE WATER! - RLB 

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*These products were provided courtesy of Stur PR for reviewing purposes.

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