Beauty Find - Tatcha Indigo Collection

With the cream's rich, Indigo blue color AND the Japanese brand Tatcha behind it, I knew these products were love at first sight.

And after using all the products in this 3 piece collection, I can say that "Feeling Blue" never felt (or smelled) so great. :)

The Tatcha Indigo Collection is made from the actual indigo plant, which has anti-inflammatory properties and was used by Samurai's in ancient Japan to help heal wounds more quickly. Note: The color of the cream does not turn skin blue. It is only blue until it is rubbed completely into the skin, at which point it is colorless.  In addition, all three creams are very concentrated, so you are getting value for what is a more luxury price point here.

All three of the products are simply divine, and as you can see, the Indigo blue and gold packaging is luxurious and vanity worthy. As a matter of fact, when you are opening the boxes, it's like you are opening a precious gift each time you use it! They come complete with a faux woodgrain box and ribbon to pull the product out.  There are also pretty bright purple and blue designs inside the boxes.  To top it off, each item itself is also wrapped in delicate decorative paper.

Now, let's dive in - shall we?

The Tatcha Soothing Hand Cream was very creamy out of the tube, but once I applied it to my hands, it instantly absorbed into them.  My hands were hydrated and soothed in a way that didn't leave any trace of oil or greasiness (It contains liquid silk and squalene which are potent ingredients to help make skin soft and supple).  It felt as if there was a very soothing, light layer of hydrating gel on my hands while it was on.  After applying, the finish on my skin was somewhat matte, and I was able to touch things without a slippery feel.  

This is the perfect packaging for your purse or travel since it is a squeeze tube with a pointed nozzle, which makes it easy to dispense the cream (and to target cuticles as well as I would sometimes when they were very dry). The fragrance is a light and very unique floral/fresh scent which was perfect for any time of day.

The Tatcha Soothing Silk Body Butter may be the most luxurious indulgence in this line.  It's housed in a large, beautifully lacquered jar.  This texture of the body cream is thicker and more whipped than the hand cream, but equally as silky and smooth.  Again, once on my skin it was non greasy, but my skin felt plump, smooth and hydrated with a beautiful sheen.  There was absolutely no greasy or sticky feel, yet, my normal dry areas like legs, elbows, etc felt completely drenched in moisture.  Even on VERY cold dry winter days, I was amazed by how this cream locked in the moisture on my skin and basically hydrated all day into the night and sometimes even the next day.

And last but not least, the Tatcha Indigo Soothing Renewal Treatment is the ultimate facial treat. It's small, but very concentrated, and provides not only moisture, but powerful anti-aging benefits.  This is the perfect cream to add before bedtime for a overnight treatment and also works on small skin irritations and dry patches. This cream absorbs quickly and will work very well or normal, combination and dry skin. Using this cream and the hand cream as a duo before bedtime was the most glamorous indulgence for me!  

Are these products a bit of a splurge? Yes.  But you will be more than satisfied each and every time you take a few moments to indulge your skin with these treatments and see the wonderful results. RLB

*These products were provided courtesy of Tatcha PR for reviewing purposes.

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