2014 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - GUCCI Lip Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer

If you've ever thought that giving just 1 single beauty gift "just wouldn't been enough" for the beauty lover in your life, I've found one that "One" that you can give and feel great about.

GUCCI Lip Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer will make your gift recipient's eye light up - Whether they are a Gucci/Fashion fan and/or beauty fan.

Not only does it feature chic, modern and luxurious packaging, but the gloss is actually fantastic!

The shade that is my pick for the holidays if the beautiful crimson red, #160 Iconic Gucci Red (shown, above).  However, if you know that the person would rather have a softer or more neutral color, there are many of those available in the line as line as well.  Iconic Gucci Red red is a rich, true red with a touch of pink.

The new GUCCI lip lacquer manages to combine a lightweight, non-sticky formula, which is also equally long lasting, due to it's lip staining feature. The texture is also very luxurious, since It's more of a "liquid lipstick" in it's creamy feel on the lips.

The finish is a very luxe-looking "dewy-shine".  The formula is also quite moisturizing, which is another plus. The pigmentation is simply stunning with these lip lacquers. With just 1 swipe I had beautiful full color equal to the tube.

It also features a very unique fragrance, which they call "Blue Chocolate".  To me, it's slightly sweet/cocoa, with a hint of a more fresh, green finish.  It's quite lovely and very soft.

This is a red the will certainly be a classic staple in someone's beauty arsenal. - RLB

Go-->Available in store and at Saks.com and Gucci.com

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