Drugstore Buy of the Week - Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion

After the harsh 2015 winter I experienced here in the North East, my skin took a real beating - while I hydrated daily, my skin still looked a little lackluster, and I often had recurring dry patches on my back, neck, lower legs.  But about a month ago, I was able to test Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion and got some real relief - and results.

For dry and very dry skin, Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion provides intense, yet still lightweight and non-sticky hydration.  This was perfect for dry elbows and knees, feet/heels and even hands.  It penetrated my skin instantly and the finish was fairly matte given how thick and creamy the texture of the lotion was.

There's no fragrance, so it's perfect for those of you with more sensitive dry skin or mild eczema.  I loved how my skin looked the longer I used it, because it also has an exfoliation effect from key ingredients like lactic and fruit acids like lemon, grapefruit and pineapple juice, this allows the moisturizing ingredients to more fully penetrate.  It made my skin visibly softer over time and all but removed my dry patches completely.  It also contains Glycerin, petrolatum, mineral oil, and olive oil (moisturize);

If you have a family of dry skin sufferers or you're still dealing with cold, dry temps, I recommend getting a few Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotions of these and having them in convenient locations around the house for everyone to add to their hands, etc. whenever they need it. 

You can get a great value with the 20 fl oz size at under $9.00.  It's a effective, work-horse skincare product that's not super fancy but will make your skin feel that way! - RLB

Purchase Here: Curel Rough Skin Rescue Daily Smoothing Lotion, 20 fl oz

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