Drugstore Buy of the Week - Hawaiian Tropic Touch of Color Pump Lotion, SPF 15

If you've ever wished that you could protect your skin from the sun - while ALSO looking a bit more sun-kissed while you're outdoors - here's your dream product (at a dream price!)

Hawaiian Tropic Touch of Color Pump Lotion, SPF 15, 6.8 fl oz is a tinted sunscreen with a light, bronze sheer glow that will work on all skin tones.  It gives a hint of color, but it's not as dramatic as a self tanner, or liquid bronzer.

I love the formula.  It's silky, smooth and lightweight it felt like air going on, and absorbed on contact.  The tint dried so quickly, there was no real waiting time before having to get dressed either. It's also water resistant (but you should reapply after prolonged exposure to water, swimming, etc. for continuous sun protection.).  

And while I know some of you like a higher SPF, this is great if your exposure to the sun will be at the end of the day, for example, or if you'll only be taking some pictures in sun exposed locations for an event like a wedding or party, for example.  

There's a touch of fine shimmer in the finish, but otherwise, it has a nice bronzy-sheen that doesn't look overly shiny or oily.  It's hydrating, but if you have very dry skin, or want additional protection, you can also apply a more moisturizing sunscreen with a higher SPF first, and then layer this on top for the tint. The Touch of Color Pump Lotion, washes off easily in the shower at the end of the day.

It's a brilliant idea and I urge you to stock up now before they're all gone this summer! - RLB

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