Organic Beauty Find - Juice Beauty Organic SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen

Organic sunscreen is becoming more and more available from beauty brands, but it's still a lot of hit or miss in my opinion.

Juice Beauty Organic SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen is a great option for those of you who love spending time outdoors and want a Organic choice for sun protection.  It meets all my main requirements - it moisturizing, works for both men and women, non-greasy, smooth texture, and it even adds just a touch of glow with a bit of added tint.  The texture is lightweight and creamy, and it absorbed almost instantly with zero trace of the sunscreen on my skin.

I found that this worked equally well on my face as on my body, and it didn't run or turn white on me during the day or even after getting wet or perspiring.  I think this is an ideal formula for those of you with drier skin types, although it will work on all skin types.

This formula contains  mineral zinc oxide SPF 30, broad spectrum, non-nano natural sunscreen, along with Organic coconut, aloe and jojoba.  It's water resistant up to 80 minutes (but it's still best to reapply after prolonged exposure to water).

I also love the packaging!  It's bright cheery lime green and an easy size to toss in your beach bag or knapsack for the day. - RLB

Purchase Here: Juice Beauty Organic SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen 

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