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Do you have combination skin or skin that often "behaves" in a different way depending on the weather, the season, time of the month, etc?

I recently had the opportunity to try a skincare line that I had heard great things about to address many of the issues of my combination skin, Paula’s Choice.

First I had a skincare consultation over the phone.  (And by the way Paula’s Choice offers a FREE skincare consultation to everyone, by calling them at 1-800-831-4088. I loved getting customized, individual personal care and attention!) 

After asking me several questions about my skin, my consultant decided to send me products to address my more oily and acne prone t-zone, from the Clear line, as well as products to address my drier areas and uneven skin tone, from the Resist line.

The Clear Regular Strength Kit is what I used primarily because I was dealing with my "summer" skin issues - which are skin that is much more oily and prone to heat bumps and occasional break outs from perspiration, etc.  The three products included are: Clear Cleanser, Clear Regular Strength Exfoliant, Clear Regular Strength Blemish Treatment (shown, at top of page).

I found this line was very effective and easy to use. I loved the cleanser, which is a clear gel, lightweight and lightly foaming, which I used daily with my clarisonic.  It cleansed well and my skin felt more toned and slightly tighter, but not overly dry.  The Exfoliant is a liquid toner which really made a difference in the look and feel of my pores and nose area in particular.   I was also very impressed with the Blemish Treatment, which contains Benzoyl Peroxide.  I used the treatment on a few stray pimples that had popped up.  Within just 2 days of using 2x day they were completely cleared up and my skin was not irritated or dry.  I went on to use this treatment just 1x day in small areas afterwards to prevent future breakouts, which was very successful.

Now, for my drier areas, like my cheeks and under eye area, I used some of the products from the Resist line.    I loved the Resist Anti-Aging Replenishing Toner.  This is one of the best toner's I've every used for drier skin.  There are no alcohols and my skin was instantly firm, smooth and hydrated at the same time.  

This was perfect to use on my cheeks/chin.  The feel of the toner was also amazing - more of a liquid-y lotion than a traditional watery or gel like texture.  It just felt so amazing going on my skin. During this summer, most days this was enough for hydration, but at night, I Ioved using a bit of the Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer with Retinol.  This moisturizer is packed with anti-oxidants and retinol to hydrate, improve skin tone and repair sun damage.  The texture of this moisturizer was also amazing.  The moisturizer was creamy, lightweight and absorbed quickly into my skin. Within just 2 days of using this each evening, I could see a real difference in the texture and smoothness of my drier areas.  As we head into Fall and the cold winter months, I'll continue to use these two Resist products in my skincare routine, in larger amounts.

There's so much available in the Paula's Choice skincare range, that I encourage you to use their skincare consultants to help you make a few starter purchases so you can experience what a truly great skincare line (without hype and over reaching claims) is like.  This is a line in which the prices are very fair for how effective and pleasant to use the products are.  Click below to start your journey! - RLB

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