Hair Accessory Find - Revlon Double Grip Clips

You might now think twice about hair clips, but they can present problems for people with very thin hair (they tend to slip out often) or with very thick hair (it's hard for them to grip hair well and hold it firmly).

That's why Revlon Double Grip Hair Clips are such a genius item.  They stay put - no matter what type or thickness your hair is and they don't pull or break hair off when removing them.

If you have very long hair, these can double as ponytail holders or just for use on the sides of the hair to keep it out of your face.  If you have short hair with layers and need something to pull back longer strands, these will secure them

What makes  Revlon Double Grip Hair Clips  different is that they have specially designed grip dots, along with comb teeth that will NOT budge.  They can hold much more hair than the average clip, and keep it in place so hair never comes loose.  I love using these when I did side braids, half up, half down looks and even attached a few in the back of my hair when I wore a high top knot.

Revlon Double Grip Hair Clips are a must have for kids as well. Your child will not loose these and their hair will stay looking neat all day long - yes even after a full day at school :) - RLB

Purchase Here: Revlon Double Grip Hair Clips   Also available at Target and

*This product was provided courtesy of Revlon PR for reviewing purposes.

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