Hair Product Find - RUSK Smooth Foam

Hot, humid summers can be rough on blow outs if you have naturally curly/wavy hair (or chemically relaxed hair), but I've discovered a product that will give you a fighting chance!

RUSK Smooth Foam is unique hair styling product that is applied to towel dried hair and contains memory polymer's which act to "remember" your blown out hair style.  RUSK Smooth Foam claims to reduce blow dry time by 50% and allow you to maintain long lasting, frizz-free hair that still has softness and movement (through 5 shampoos).  It's intended to be a chemical- free alternative to a salon smoothing treatment.

After cleansing hair, you shake the RUSK Smooth Foam well and distribute evenly throughout hair.  It comes out of the can like a traditional mousse.  I used an amount about the size of a golf ball, but if you have very thick and/or long hair, you may need more than this. The foam is lightweight and creamy, with a pleasant floral (prominent but not overwhelming) fragrance.

Once I started blow drying, I did notice that my hair dried very quickly and with a very straight, shiny finish. There was not sticky or gummy feel or residue left on my hair. Afterwards, I ran through sections of hair with a flat iron. Note: In order to the results claimed on RUSK Smooth Foam, you MUST use a flat iron after blow drying hair.  The heat from the dryer and then, flat iron, works with the polymer to set the "straight" memory in the hair.

After the combination of blow drying and flat ironing, my hair was straight, soft to the touch, had movement and was frizz-free the first few days after using it. (The instructions do recommend touching up with a flat iron a few days afterwards if you start to see frizz).  

Did RUSK Smooth Foam last through 5 shampoos?  

The first 2 weeks, when I blow dried and flat ironed, I got the same impressive results.  I liked the results the final 3 weeks, but did find I needed to add a bit more of the foam to my damp hair first, to get the same results.  All in all, this really is a genius hair hair product worth picking up. - RLB

Purchase Here: RUSK Smooth Foam, 8 fl. oz.  

*This product was provided courtesy of Rusk PR for reviewing purposes.

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