Budget Beauty Find - E.L.F. Brush Cleanser Wipes

When you need a quick and easy way to spot clean your brushes, especially if your traveling, you need  E.L.F. Brush Cleanser Wipes.  The wipes are individually wrapped (there are 10 in a pack), and they have an slightly oily (not wet) consistency.

To clean, I simply swiped my brush back and forth on the wipe and was amazed to see everything cleaned off.  Even better, when I felt my brush with my fingers afterwards, there was no oily or sticky feel, the brush was completely dry.  These were perfect for when my brushes were in-between deep cleansing (with a heavy duty brush cleanser, like my Cinema Secrets, for example).

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The cleansing oil contained in the wipe also has the prettiest scent! (a soft floral).  This was a very nice surprise, as it softly lingered on my makeup brush as I applied my makeup.  The wipes were gentle on my brush hairs and didn't make them fall or or dry up. For best results, use 1 wipe per brush, but if you have smaller eye shadow or liner brushes, or a few brushes that aren't filled with too much product, you can clean two or more with a single wipe.

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This is a budget-friendly beauty helper that needs to be consistently stocked in your makeup collection! - RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of e.l.f. PR for reviewing purposes.

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