Beauty Tool Find - TWEEZERMAN Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer

Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer
File the new Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer under great ideas you should have thought of!

But I'm glad Tweezerman did.  This new lighted version of their classic Slant Tweezer gives you illumination and perfectly slanted tips for the best brow shaping you can do at home. 

It's simple to use.  I pressed the small silver button on the top of the Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer and the LED light came on.  With the light, I could see all the stray hairs that I normally would have missed on my own.  The ergonomic handle was very easy to use and get to all the corners and parts of my brows.  The ends of the Expertweeze are very sharp, but they were gentle on my skin/brow hairs and didn't cause any irritation or accidents.

With the Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer I was able to finish my brows quicker and they looked much more polished.  I love that even if you normally get your brows done professionally, in between your appointments you can easily groom your brows and still have them looking great.

Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer are perfect to also put in a small bag for a night out to make sure your brows are perfect ( now you can even touch up in a dark car or taxi!)

I never realized how essential the light is to brow tweezing on my own, but now Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer is a permanent part of my makeup bag.- RLB

Purchase Here: Tweezerman Expertweeze Lighted Slant Tweezer

*This product was provided courtesy of Tweezerman PR for reviewing purposes.

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