Natural Beauty Find - Thinksport Natural Deodorant - Grapefruit & Currant

Thinksport Natural Deodorant - Grapefruit & Currant

I was recently introduced to the Thinksport line of natural deodorants by someone who stressed "These deodorants REALLY work to prevent sweat and odor - they don't just smell nice"

Turns out they were right.  In fact, Thinksport are the leaders in safe, non-toxic products, and they've used their scientific approach to solving smelly, sweaty athletes (and everyday people!), by creating a safe, non-toxic deodorant. *Thinksport also has a very good line of natural, sun protection products for adults and kids.

Many of you now prefer to use deodorants that don't contain aluminum (along with parabens and phthalates).  Unfortunately, aluminum has long been the gold standard in providing effective anti-perspirant protection.  So while there are natural deodorants which smell and feel good, they don't always leave you feeling confident with minimizing sweat - especially during heavy exercise and intense heat.

Thinksport Natural Deodorant - Grapefruit & Currant was a welcome surprise.  Thinkport set out to create a deodorant free of toxic chemicals, choosing instead to use natural ingredients you can trust and pronounce.  There are also an array of essential oils which add amazing scents, which I loved with the Grapefruit & Currant version I tried.

The first important thing you should know is the consistency is different from the standard antiperspirant.  When you first apply the stick it will be very stiff and hard.  As per the instructions, I placed the new stick under my underarm for a few seconds to use natural body heat to soften the stick up.  Then I applied in thin layers (not lifting the stick up until I was done) until the deodorant felt smooth and creamy on my skin.  It absorbed into my skin and the white cream from the stick turned translucent after a few minutes.

The Grapefruit and Currant scent was lovely and natural, and it lingered very softly during the day.  As far as sweat protection, it was impressive.  Even on warm and very active days it protected me all day as well as the standard anti-perspirant. I didn't have any sweat breakthroughs at on most days, and on very hot days when I did, a quick touchup protected me again.

There are 3 other nice fragrances in the Thinksport Natural Deodorant line, as well as an unscented one.  As far as I am concerned, Thinksport Natural Deodorant is now the gold standard in natural deodorants for me.  Order a pack for you and your loved ones so you're never without! PS. It's also travel-sized for your getaways. - RLB

  • Free of biologically harmful chemicals, no phthalates, parabens or aluminum
  • All ingredients rated either a "0" or a "1" by EWG's Skin Deep database
  • Each ingredient provides the EWG safety rating
  • No animal testing (Leaping Bunny member), Only tested on humans

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