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[TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot
It looks like a syringe - but it definitely doesn't hurt!

[TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot is my latest favorite from the Korean skincare brand.  The Bright shot is a sheet mask that works to brighten skin and decrease dull skin and discoloration.  It's made with Glutathione, an antioxidant that rids the skin of free radicals and toxins that can lead to hyper-pigmentation.   The serum complex also contains Niacinamide, which helps brighten the complexion. 
The mask is made with a microcell sheet soaked in highly concentrated dermatologist-grade ampoule (serum).

[TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot
The [TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot is a sheet mask rolled into the long syringe - shaped package. To use, I unrolled it (it is a very wet mask, filled with the cream-gel serum). I spread the mask over my face, massaging all the extra serum into my neck and décolletage. 

I left [TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot on about 20 min, allowing most of the liquid into penetrate my skin. When I peeled the sheet off, it was almost dry.  I then massaged any remaining serum into my skin.

After everything was fully absorbed, my skin was glowing, hydrated and smooth. I used a [TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot mask a few times a week, and loved the results, especially using it at night before bed.  In the morning, my skin was perfectly prepped for makeup.  Order a pack of these for summer travel - you'll love it. - RLB

*Note: The [TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot  is on the smaller side, so if you have a narrow and/or small face it will fit better.  However, since it's such a drenched mask, it's very easy to massage the serum to the sides, and bottom of the face to get the full effects of the mask, which is what I did.

There are also 2 more Megatox Ampoule Mask versions available - the Lift Shot for firming and Moist Shot for very dry/dehydrated skin.

Purchase Here: [TONYMOLY] Megatox Ampoule Mask- Bright shot

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