Drugstore Buy of the Week - Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing

Nearly every beauty brand from luxury to mass has come out with a facial mist over the last few years, but Olay has managed to create one that provides instant and lasting skincare benefits and is wallet friendly.

I loved the light scent of the Bergamot in Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing  The mist uses a combination of the revitalizing and hydrating benefits of Vitamin C, Bergamot and Vitamin B3. It dried quickly and left my skin plump and soft with no sticky or oily feel.  It worked equally well on my drier areas like my cheeks and my more oily areas, like my T Zone.

I was able to use this in several ways to hydrate, wake up and refresh my skin.  I used it some mornings after cleansing and before my serum and primer for added moisture, I also used it as a makeup setting spray when I wanted to give my matte foundation touch a touch of dewiness.

I also liked using it while on a flight, or after coming home from work just to add a bit more moisture to my skin to stave off any flakiness or dullness.  

If you're looking for a low cost way to keep your skin hydrated all winter long, Olay Mist Ultimate Hydration Essence Energizing should be part of your daily skin routine.  - RLB

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